Tax Filer Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taxaroo?

Taxaroo is a simple and secure way to work with your accountant. The online platform collects information necessary to prepare your tax return, allows you to share files, review your return, pay your invoice, and sign any legal documents.

Is Taxaroo secure?

Yes! Taxaroo uses enterprise-grade security standards to ensure any piece of data you send or upload remains locked down.

How do I get started?

Your accountant will send you a link to sign up, and you can get started right away.

How do I upload documents?

Once you log in and complete the interview, upload your documents by dragging and dropping to the Client Files section of your portal.

I made a typo during my interview, how do I correct or update?

Simply log in, and click edit in the Client Interview section that you would like to update.

How do I pay the invoice?

Sign in to Taxaroo and click the Invoice tab. From there you can securely provide your credit card payment information.

My return is uploaded but I can't access it

If you were invoiced for work performed, you'll need to pay the invoice before unlocking your return.

How do I sign the efile authorization forms?

Sign in to Taxaroo and click the Final Docs tab. From there you can see your completed tax return and forms sent for electronic signature. Click Electronically Sign to provide your authorization.

How do I know my return has been filed?

You will receive an email when your tax pro confirms they have submitted your returns. Additionally, you will see that on your home page when you sign in to Taxaroo.