Tax Pro Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taxaroo?

Taxaroo is a secure online platform that allows you to manage your tax workflow end to end. This includes some pretty awesome capabilities:

  • Collect client information & documents securely
  • Automate invoicing & payments
  • Allow clients to review final tax returns and electronically sign
  • Manage your practice across a team with built in workflow
Our research has shown that most accounting firms will replace 3-5 tools by moving onto Taxaroo.

Online Platform? My clients visit me in the office

Great, we're still the solution for you. Most tax preparers who see clients in their office require multiple visits. Now imagine if you could take 1 or 2 of those meetings off the calendar and give more time back to generate revenue? Awesome.

Why switch to Taxaroo? I already have a process in place

Our customers find that Taxaroo enables you to spend more time providing value-add guidance to clients, and less time collecting information, doing follow ups, and managing the endless bits of workflow. Also, with Taxaroo you can run your practice virtually or more seamlessly support your in-person clients.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up today for free by going to our Pricing page and selecting a plan to try for free!

What does Taxaroo cost?

We want to give you a chance to evaluate the platform, so Taxaroo is free to sign up and use for 3 clients. After that, our paid plan starts at $8 or $12 per tax return, without any annual commitments. See more on our Pricing Page

I have a big practice with multiple team members. How do we use Taxaroo and coordinate across the firm?

Taxaroo was built with the flexibility of being able to support a solo practicioner or a team of 200 tax preparers. With our Tax Pro offering, we provide an integrated view of your practice along with workflow for assigning and reviewing work, allowing you to seamlessly manage your clients and grow faster.