Unleash the Full Potential of Your Small Tax or Accounting Firm

Leverage the power of user-friendly, AI-powered features for your Tax and Accounting workflow. Streamline processes, save time and money, and skyrocket profits with Taxaroo.

Streamline your operations, automate tasks, and optimize your client experience with Taxaroo.

Trusted by Over 3,000 Tax, Bookkeeping, Accounting and CPA Firms

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Taxaroo By the Numbers


Over 100K Clients Processed


Over 5 Million Hours of Time Saved


Over 10K Tax Questions Answered by our AI


Over 20 Years of Industry Experience

Effortlessly Manage Your Practice with a Platform Built for Small Firms Like Yours

Taxaroo’s easy-to-use software helps you grow your practice by eliminating inefficiencies in operations. Save time and money while focusing on what truly matters: your clients.

You’ll get to provide a world-class online client experience as a hybrid and tech-driven practice without hassle or high costs.

Taxaroo is perfect for 100% virtual, hybrid, or in-person operations.

Streamline Your Workflow

Banish the Chaos and Reclaim Your Time!

Unlock Your Firm's Potential with AI

Use Our Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Efficiencies

Taxaroo users save an average of 47 minutes per return or engagement due to streamlined processes and improved organization

Lead a High-Performing Team

Finally, the Freedom to Breathe During Tax Season

Grow Your Profits

Reduce Your Costs & Earn More by Adding New Clients

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Discover Smoother, More Efficient Business Operations

Taxaroo will help your business become stress-free.

Experience the ultimate practice management solution designed exclusively for small tax, bookkeeping, accounting and CPA firms.

Taxaroo’s intuitive platform, powered by AI-driven capabilities and innovative automation tools, stands out in the market. It helps you minimize manual tasks, increasing your efficiency, and empowering you to deliver exceptional client experiences. Elevate your practice with Taxaroo.

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Upgrade to a Modern

Digital Client Experience

Taxaroo offers a comprehensive toolset tailored for small Tax and Accounting firms. Supported by a dedicated customer success team, our platform streamlines the secure collection of sensitive data. This is crucial because it also automates client interactions and simplifies practice management. Whether you operate in a digital or hybrid environment, Taxaroo helps you achieve efficiency and growth.


Confidently Transition to Taxaroo Now

We’re dedicated to ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for you. Because our team is ready to provide personalized training sessions and ongoing support, ensuring your success and growth.


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