Automated Follow-Ups

Revolutionize your document collection process with Taxaroo’s Automated Document Request Follow-Ups feature.

Transforming Document Collection

Eliminate document chase headaches with Taxaroo’s Automated Document Request Follow-Ups, ensuring prompt responses.

Automated Document Reminders

Send automated reminders to clients for their outstanding document submissions, reducing the need for manual follow-ups and tracking.

Set Your Follow-up Cadence

Adjust the frequency and duration of your automated document request follow-ups, tailoring the reminder schedule to the needs of your practice and your clients.

Smart Stop Feature

Ensure no unnecessary reminders are sent with our smart stop feature – once a client uploads the requested document, the automated follow-ups are promptly halted.

Boost Productivity

By automating document request follow-ups, you free up valuable time for your team to concentrate on more complex tasks, enhancing overall productivity in the realm of Accounting Management.

With automation, your team can significantly reduce the manual process of tracking and reminding clients about document submissions, enabling them to focus on essential aspects of tax preparation.
Automated follow-ups help you manage the document collection process for a large client base efficiently, without compromising service quality or client experience.

Enhance Client Experience

Taxaroo’s Automated Document Request Follow-Ups feature not only streamlines your firm’s operations but also improves the client experience by ensuring regular, clear, and relevant communication. By making the document collection process seamless, clients stay engaged and confident in your services.
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Tax & Accounting Professionals Love Us!​

Don’t just take our word for it – Taxaroo’s real-world impact is demonstrated by satisfied clients who experience tangible benefits from our software. Our platform has transformed their operations, and their lives. Allowing them to focus on what really matters: providing exceptional service and growing their businesses.

“Taxaroo has cut our workflow time by 50%, allowing us to focus more on value-add client conversations.”

Brandon Sherman, <span style="font-size: 14px; letter-spacing: normal;">Owner</span>

Brandon Sherman, Owner

Sherman & Associates

“Taxaroo has been a lifesaver for our business this year. We were very lucky to have the tools of Taxaroo.”

Alice Zaganczyk Peterson, CPA

Alice Zaganczyk Peterson, CPA

AM Accounting and Tax Services

“Using Taxaroo, we’re able to smoothly handle 500 returns and generate half a million a year in revenue… with just two employees!”
Karen M. Stevenson, EA, MBA

Karen M. Stevenson, EA, MBA

Stevenson Tax and Accounting

Ranked highest in customer satisfaction

Become part of a growing network of small tax, bookkeeping, accounting and CPA firms that have discovered the benefits of Taxaroo’s cost-effective and easy-to-use practice management software.

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Tax Professional

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